Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gatsby Moving Rubber - Loose Shuffle hair wax

Let me introduce you to an overly popular hair wax (actually "moving rubber") from Japan: Gatsby's Moving Rubber series. I guess its popularity is thanks to the fact that Kimura Takuya was the ad face for the product. If I'm not mistaken....correct me if I'm wrong. I don't like the guy...I don't like Jonny's in general. Did I write Jonny correctly? Ah, never mind....

Don't let the packaging fool you, it is Japanese, but if you buy from Korean sellers, then you get it dirt cheap! I know there are waxes specially for women, but waxes should be unisex, am I right?
I have short hair (chin length) and don't like gels on my hair. Styling creams are ok, along with waxes that do not look like fat on my head. You know those guys with shiny gelish head??? That wouldn't work on girls. Oh, I'm getting lost in thoughts. I suck big time at doing hair, so don't expect me to be an expert with a 100% correct opinion. I only want my hair to hold strongly and look AND feel like nothing was applied.

For a few dollars (even below $10 including shipping) you get 80g product. There is a smaller size too, 15g, I think, but the difference in price is nonexistent and doesn't worth it. 80g is a LOT! Moving Rubber has different members: Air Rise, Grunge Mat, Spiky Edge, Wild Shake, Loose Shuffle and Cool Wet Shuffle.

Keep in mind, that originally these are for men!

I chose Loose Shuffle, since my hair is short and I want to achieve a somewhat loose, natural look that holds all day long. You can see below on the diagram how LS is good in every aspect. The others are more specific. And also, there is a MR for long hair too!

The packaging is nice! It's plastic, but the orange part (which is like 90%) has this rubbery feeling! HAHA Put it on table and it won't slide anywhere.

Gatsby Moving Rubber claims:
  • contains newly developed "smooth polymer" that creates less sticky and light finish
  • contains Moving Rubber that creates resilient finish and makes it possible to restyle as many times as you want
  • attractive style proposals, with advice from famous hair stylists and hair salons from Japan
  • refreshing green apple fragrance
Green apple scent! mmmm yes, it's nice! Not disturbing like....let's say Taft waxes of Shwarzkopf. Those are terrible! And you can smell them all day long!

The texture is soft, you don't have to dig and get wax under your nails. Just stroke the surface lightly, picking up a tiny amount, rub along your fingers for 2-3 seconds until it gets transparent (see below) and feels watery, then you're ready to apply. But be fast, because it dries soon and then it gets waay too sticky to apply and you just get your hair stuck to your fingers. In worse scenario you even pull out some hair too. I did. I'm not a huge wax user, but I've never experienced this before.

Holding power is ok, although there seems to be nothing strong enough on planet to hold perfectly straight my hair. Oh well, that's my problem.
Make sure you test the right amount you need or else you use too much and your hair stays sticky for loo~ong hours!

As you can see, there's a lil instruction on how to use it. Just change it for girl style =D
Overall, Moving Rubber is a great hair styling stuff! Those girls around the world with short or medium hair should try this! Cheap and good! And the scent is cool!
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