Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kenzoki Ice-Cold Eye Cream

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I'd hauled several Kenzoki products to finally try them out. One of these produts is the Ice-cold Eye Cream.
Ice-cold refers to the fact that it's recommended to be kept it in the fridge to maximize its effect. It sounds cool - literally too- but for me it was a hassle...getting to the kitchen, in the morning, in a zombi-like state is no fun (plus extra time LOL). What's with all those walls and steps and occasional stuff I left on the floor last time I was awake?!? They hurt! 

Description: "Illuminates, Smoothes, Rests 

Watch out eyes! Eskimo cream to show bags and dark circles the door and wake up the sleepiest eyes every morning. It can be kept in the fridge to optimize its enlivening and regenerating properties."

It sounds good, but in fact it does nothing except for moisturizing enough not to make my eye area into a desert. I saw no improvement regarding dark circles and I strongly believe its "enlivening and regenerating properties" are thanks to be kept in the fridge. 

The chilled cream is indeed pleasant, and it did not irritate my eyes (much). 
If I used it in room temperature (not putting it into the fridge) it was bland. A simple moisturizer, nothing special.

The pump head could be more precise, as mine used to unload either too much or too little with one pump.

Packaging is simple, I found no fault in it.

However, I find the price (45 EUR for 15ml) a bit too high for an eye-cream which does nothing beside moisturizing and the cooling effect comes from the refrigerator. You could use a simple moisturizer and some icecubes sans the coctail and it's cheaper.
Basicly you pay for the brand name. Even though this is not in league with the hyper-super-mega-über expensive eye-cares, but not many of us can afford those, right?

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