Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kenzoki Barefeet Fantasy Massage Balm

Part of my first Kenzoki haul done at the Warsaw duty free is the Barefeet Fantasy Massage Balm.
I wanted to try the brand yet not spend all my monthly wage at the airport so I went for a travel-size set, an eye cream and this foot  care. Picking the cheapest ones and having the most products possible to try....LOL

I've never used a foot massage balm before except the Avon/Oriflame YUCK heating/cooling gels/moisturizers which I found worse than unsatisfactory.
I know....we should care much more about our feet. They carry us all our lives and do the hard work yet we care next to nothing about them. No, nailpolish is not treating well your feet.

The SA told me this was a dream to use and highly recommended, but I was still sceptical. Any average SA would sing worshipping songs about a basket of crap just so you would buy it. In the end I thought it's not that expensive and I've never had an actual foot massage balm, why not try it. If I were to find it bad I would have still owned a Kenzoki balm, and that would have meant I had a great product! Duh! Stupid snobbish voice in my head....

Let's see its description: "Play footsy, voluptuously, alone or not, as the case may be. For beautiful feet or simply to feel good. A massage balm that nourishes, relaxes and repairs feet from ankle to toes. Cupuacu butter to intensely moisturize* tired feet. Shea butter to soothe busy dancing feet. And rice plant water , naturally rich in trace elements, essential oils and mineral salts. Massage in yourself or let it be done. Forget everything. Surrender to the soft scent of rice steam. Close your eyes and renew the experience with the other foot. *moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis."

Now, let me point out that the * part is brilliant! Only with this small side note they earned my appreciation. Not many brands would put such a warning on their products. It's like having a wrinkle-filler claiming to fill up deep wrinkles yet missing the transferring ingredient getting it into the lower levels of your skin. The problematic zone is deeper than the upper levels of skin where the cream can soak in. In the end you keep on using it but hardly see any improvement. If any.
At the same time this note - however not saying out loud - implies that were you to use a lot of cream you would skate on slippery feet if walking right after massaging. Thus either use less - a little amount is quite enough - or stay in bed, put on socks, etc.

The scent is indeed something unfamiliar to me so I believe when they say it's rice steam :D It's pleasant so it adds to the experience.

 Massaging your feet with this balm is dreamlike: easy, pleasant, refreshing.
While indulging you know that you thoroughly loved your feet and they will thank you later.
Not to mention they are soft and smooth! ^.^ 

My only problem is the cap. It's your average twist cap with an actual twist. The top and bottom are connecting not in a vertical but slanted line and it gives me a headache every time to get the right point to start screwing. Maybe it's an individual fault or bad design, I don't know.

All in all, I'd make it mandatory to have this in each household but all I can do is say : GO AND BUY IT!

Ok, it's not easy to find but you'll be grateful *ahem*to me*ahem* 

This 80g of fantasy sells for £18 or  €24. Sorry, I don't know the price in dollar >.< Getting a hold of the Kenzoki line is not an easy task.

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