Tuesday, July 29, 2014

La Roche-Posay Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub

Do you know the new IT words? 
Physiological, like the solution in the IVs. Who would have thought that glorious liquid would do gloriously on your skin too? Not just by refreshing, nurturing it, but by cleansing too! And cleansing like not many does. Not leaving (oily) residues or stripping your skin of hydration, yet removing makeup and dirt and oily built up during the day.

This scrub not only removes all the above mentioned yucks but also dead skin cells. Its beads are fine enough to do the work and be gentle at the same time.
As it does not promise to whiten, remove wrinkles or other miracles, I can't say much only that I plan to try many other scrubs while not forgetting this one....and if I can't find any that does a better in this basic task, I'm gonna name this my HG scrub.

Description: "Smoothes and gently exfoliates skin, while respecting its physiological balance. 
  • Ultra fine scrubbing particles for gentle exfoliation
  • Fresh, water-gel texture
  • For more active cleansing Gentle and physical exfoliation"
Highly recommended. Do try! 
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