Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Manhattan - Beige Ballerina eyeshadow palette

However weird it might sound, Manhattan being a drugstore brand, I only have three products fom the brand and all of them are relatively new stuffs.

Now I'm showing you an LE eyeshadow palette: Beige ballerina. Dunno the name of the collection, sorry!

Yes, beige! As in nude! I think one cannot have enough nude eyeshadows, and this little palette is cool toned/neutral enough for me.

Its packaging is cardboard or something sturdy.....paper. I'm not a fan of paper packaging, but I can live with it since it's super thin and closes well...maybe it has some weak magnets built in? Who knows. Anyway, the little sponge applicator is good for nothing. Really, throw-away worthy. If you happen to bring along this palette and need a quick touch up for eyelining with the dark shade or something life-saver then the applicator is usuful, but it's nothing to talk about.

The colors look good in the "pan", but I wish they had better color payoff. Below are a without and with flash hand swatch photos and I found only the second darkest shade interesting.

The two light colors are so light and barely there that someone going for a "no makeup" look will definitely like them.

BTW, why does Blogger screw up my photos and rotate them all the time without any sense???????????

If you need an inexpensive small nude palette and haven't tried Manhattan, then give it a go, especially if you can find it in a drug store.

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