Thursday, December 2, 2010

Essence - Surfer Babe Refreshing Lipglosses

Okay, if you were to see my unpublished posts along with the posted ones, you would definitely think 'Is she an Essence fan?'
But I am not one of them, just love the fact that their makeup is very reasonably priced and some products are indeed good quality. Thus I keep accumulating mountains of their products :)

I should have done this review a long ago (like many other reviews.....sorry) but now that I have some free time after work (and before going to an appointment) I thought I'd get over this fast.
So, here it is, Surfer Babe Refreshing Lipgloss from the summer collection:

I think there were only 4 colors, and because I fell in love with it after trying it, I purchased all of them XD
Colors are (L to R): 04 The world's coolest, 03 Rider, 02 Loose, 01 Surferama

Close up:

Description: "when the beach gets too hot, cool down and reenergize with the refreshing lipgloss from essence. the pleasant cooling effect works with the creamy formula to give your lips a gorgeous gentle shimmer."

They are nicely shimmery from up-close (YAY for multicolored shimmer!) but on the lips they give more of a glossy, sparkly finish. Rather glossy.

Color payoff? They are sheer, give a subtle, yet buildable tint to lips.

Are they indeed cooling? Yes! I wore them every day this summer! When going to work and going home, or just stepping least there was a tiny bit of skin on my body that didn't melt from the heat! =D

During the winter? It's funny! You get a tingling feeling, and that's all. Personally, I quite like it, because of the tingling I know my lips aren't frozen, but I can only imagine what will happen in the -15˙C.....liquid and such low temperature haha

BTW, do you wear glosses during winter? I don't. I only use lipbalms or lipsticks, but not glosses. This year, I'm gonna try wearing them. =D Total failure XD
Another close-up of the swatches, like always, click on the photo to enlarge^^

04 The world's coolest has the most finely milled shimmer out of the four, yet the least lovely fragrance. All 4 glosses have a bit of fruity scent, all different, but don't expect me to tell which one is what fruit. My nose sucks HAHA 
The world's coolest is just not that sweet and strong.

Surfer Babe Refreshing lipgloss is my  HG gloss for summer and I'd stock up better if I could still find any!^^

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