Thursday, November 25, 2010

Upcoming black friday & MUFE LEs & giveaway to come

I haven't updated for...what....2 weeks now? Have I mentioned I hate work? I don't have enough time to the things I like to do.

Aaaanyway, are you looking for the Black Friday sales? I do! I'm curious about the "amazing deal" Urban Decay hinted about on Facebook! Time is unsure, but US girls should wake up soon on Friday. I'll take my time. =D

Sigma also has something to make us spend our money on their brushes. Free shipping. Internationally! Yess~ Now, that's something I LOVE to hear! =D Since their brushes are said to be good quality and quite reasonably priced I'm thinking about indulging. I'm eyeing a Duo Fibre brush for base makeup and an Angled Top Synthetic Kabuki brush for contouring.
To get free int shipping on 26 November only(!) you need to use the code: BF2010 at checkout.

Just spotted the Rock LE collection of Make Up For Ever on Facebook. Jeeez, I'm spending all my time on FB tending my farms and restaurant....I'm pathetic >.<
Sooooo, there are 5 sets in the Rock collection, but only 3 of them are worth mentioning and they posted nice stock photos of these 3 sets LOL
Love the studded metallic boxes! *.* Let's see them:

Rock For Ever Aqua Eyes: set of 5 Aqua Eyes eyeliner pencils
Colors are: gold (9L), copper (10L), dark grey (21L), matte black (0L), silver (8L)

Rock For Ever Star Powder & Aqua Eyes

Rock For Ever 4 Eyeshadow Palette
Colors are: Diamond Beige, Diamond Black, White Shimmer, Silver Iridescent

The two other sets: Best of: their usual 'best of' in new LE packaging and Stars & Diamond: 2 Mini Star Powders and a Diamond Powder.

Will you be getting anything? The e/s quad is really tempting^^

Last, but not least, I'm thinking about doing a small giveaway....kinda Xmas giveaway. Originally I planned on doing it for my 200th post and even tho it's not that far away, Xmas is almost here and it's my Bday too, so, why not celebrate it? It's sad to see bloggers I love disappear, not posting and commenting anymore, but I try to stick to this blog and maybe build a constant reader base. Hopeful? Nonsense?
I already have 2 things I'm going to include, but the others I'm not sure about....I'll try to pick things I like and find exceptional.
We'll see, details to come later.
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