Wednesday, September 15, 2010

E-store: Feelunique.

A while ago I mentioned a nice looking online store called
I was satisfied with their service. Free yet fast shipping, very careful and pro-looking packaging, and of course good prices.
That's why I went back and placed another order on 6th July. It was only a little bottle of GHD heat protector. This brand is unavailable in my country and I wanted to try it so badly.
Well, it never arrived. And after one month of waiting I contacted their customer service, and of course they never replied.
No changing the status of my order, or refunding, whatever.  I do understand them, I have no proof of not receiving the package but my word, which equals to nothing.
It's not that it was super expensive or anything, but I could have spent that money on many other things. And now I miss that little money, yet got nothing in return.

I don't want to say nobody should use that site. My first encounter with them was impeccable. Not like the second. Disaster.

That's 1 - 1 for Good vs. Bad.

At least a short reply would have been nice.
If they can't help, say "hey dumb customer, we ain't do a thing, you paid, we don't care"!

Lesson: be cautious in the realm of online stores!


Update: After contacting them on I got a replacement and in the same way, securely packaged.
Thank you!
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