Saturday, February 6, 2010

Smudging eyeliner? Here are some tips!

Reading the Lancome blog I realized I should share the knowledge in case you hate smudging eyeliners as much as I do. And I know you do!

I love how Lancome promotes itself among bloggers. What other brands are here? Illamasqua and Benefit. Do you know about others?
But they don't do giveaways, and since I'm such a shallow soul, that's a big minus for them!

But back to the reason I'm typing this.
We all know how annoying it is when eyeliners keep running and travelling down south, and we keep buying ones that promise extreme staying power. Let's say, Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eyes for example. Some swear for it, even buy the whole color collection and some curse it being deceptive.
I belong to the later.
Here is my review of MUFE. See the comments!
Well, I still use it and it still runs on me, but I still prefer it over other liners (okay, not gel liners =D)!

I happened to realise if you set the foundation and/or concealer with a little powder before lining your eyes, it won't smudge! (I'm obsessed over Scott Barnes Loose Powder ATM) If you're ready with lining and all, you can add a bit more powder. I love the forementioned one because it's transparent so it doesn't alter any colors and is totally invisible.....aaaaand.....doesn't set into my fine lines nor does it make my skin look older.

I mentioned Lancome above, right? Well, Aaron de Mey, their MUA shared some tips how to avoid running eyeliners. It's way more complicated than my routine, but he's an expert! Knows his stuff! HEHE
I urge you to go and read the whole article, if you haven't! And then stick with them!
We are like a big family! LOL Good for the brand image! ^.^

Anyhow, I'm copying part of the advice:
"Apply a fine layer of concealer and a light dusting of powder to the under eye area and in dark corners closest to the bridge of the nose. Then apply the pencil in and around the lash line and blend with a soft, small, fluffy brush or the fingertips. Set the edges of the pencil with a lighter/neutral powder shade such as taupe or gray for a graduated/sophisticated look and this will prevent the edges from bleeding/smudging. Alternately, use a powder shadow in a similar or slightly lighter shade of your gloss pencil and apply it around the edges and/or lightly dusted over the pencil to give extra hold and intensity. Or use the Khol Gloss only on lids and use powder shadow under the eyes to shape and design them. This gives a glossy lidded effect whilst looking sophisticated and holding perfectly under the eye."

Hope I could help someone with this post!
Let me know what you think! Have other tips?
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