Monday, August 17, 2009

Kanebo KATE Gel Eyeliner vs. Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes

Well, for a while now I've wanted to do my piece of review on these products, but just never made decent photos while putting up my makeup, so I could show how these perform on my eyes. Well, I have positive and negative point for these two liners.
Let's start with KATE.

Kanebo Kate Gel Eyeliner (BK-1)

The Kanebo Kate Gel Eyeliner is a smooth and easy-to-use eyeliner which is perfect for daily creation of the charming eyes. The black color of such makes the eyes look sharp and natural and super smooth, and it won't smash, fall off or retain winks during the day. Unlike the liquid eyeliner with shape head only, the brush coming with the eyeliner is ideal for drawing different sizes of eyeliners suiting different occassions.

You can buy it for $7 and above...depending on where you get it from.
Wherever you go, you hear only positive things about this product. And I can't say anything bad either! For your money, you get a 2.5g gel in a nice little matte glass jar, and a liner brush.

Some stated this is the best liner brush ever. About this...I have no idea. I used mainly pencils before and some liqiud liners with those tiny, pointy tips. So, all I can say about the brush, it's exellent! Holds hard, so I can draw whatever and however I like, without strays to mess up my work. The wand is okay, no problem there either, handles well. Purely shiny black with only "KATE" written on it.

Before I bought it, made a thorough research, reading every review I could find netwide, so I wouldn't be surprised or worse, disappointed. Thus I knew the amount of product is very little, so the jar would be a small size also. In spite of all, I was still shocked. It's soooo tiny!

See? Compared to my hand it really is small! hehe It looks like it would not last long, but I tell you, you need very little when using, so no need to run and buy a replace least a year. I think. Or more. I don't know. I've been using it for only 2 months and such a small amount is missing that I'm always amazed!

Now, that we've seen the posite, take a look at the negative:

Make Up For Ever 0L ($17)

I wouldn't dare say this is a "negative" eyeliner, but truthfully, compared to Kate this performs less.

These waterproof eyeshadow and eye liner pencils contain a unique formula that adheres to the eyelids and resists water even under the most extreme conditions, without running or fading.

This received a lot of positive feedback, some claimed as a HG, was said to be the utmost waterproof pencil. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed. Although it beats most of my previous eyeliners, if not all of them. I really, really like MUFE, even though it's almost impossible to buy them here. Only way is through ebay, but there are only a few stuffs there and most doesn't ship outside the US. hah! uhm, back to topic.....

I'm sure the endless ravings made me expect Aqua Eyes to be a never-was-before-perfect stuff. Well, it is a long staying, somewhat water resistant liner that finally can be applied on waterlines too! It stays put in the summer heat, but i recommend no rubbing, this is no superglue to held against anything. You know, everything runs on my eyes, thus I never line my waterlines. That's suicide, it'd run down completely in 5 minutes. But with MUFE Aqua Eyes I can finally line there too! YEY It smears a bit only at the inner and outer side of my waterline. But that I can put up with. It doesn't fade either, only in inhuman summer heat, when I'm exposed to fire sunshine and sweat myself away. Behind glasses it's not eays to fight against running eyeliner and mascara.

Above are the swatches of both liners. The thinner line is only one swipe while the thicker/darker is made by several swipes.
The difference is conspicuous. KATE's gel eyeliner is more of a deep black. No wonder the 0L in Aqua Eyes stands for matte black. I prefer pitch black colors. It's more dramatic. hehe
Actually you can make MUFE draw darker lines pressing it a bit ( I swiped lighthandedly), but you might hurry, because it's rather creamy and once it sets, there's no way you can add an extra layer (unless you want to ruin everything).
There's no such problem with the KATE one though.
I haven't tried Aqua Eyes as an eyeshadow yet, but sooner or later I have to see how it holds as an e/s. I doubt it will fail me.

All in all, these are pretty good liners. Kanebo's gel liner is a better deal IMO. I'd say it's slightly better than Make Up For Ever's and for a waaaay cheaper price tag!
In the end, I reach for Kate almost every day, but Aqua Eyes, well I save it for distressed times.
If you happen to buy any of them, Kate Gel Eyeliner comes in 7 colors: blue, green, brown, black, metallic black, golden and silver (last two ones are also metallic shades).
MUFE Aqua Eyes has 25 colors which is impressive...and tempting !=D
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