Friday, August 14, 2009

Mysterious Powder

A while ago I talked about a "treasure powder" of mine here.

Never knew what product/brand it only has a CG craved on its top which would scream Cover Girl, right? But I never paid attention to that..thought it couldn't's too old to be CoverGirl, plus we can't buy the brand here now. Not to mention so many years ago. An american makeup powder here in the '80s? Impossible!

So, my Mom gave it to me when I was a teen (means=I snatched it from her and she allowed it hahaha).

Today I asked her where she got it from. Any guess what?! An admirer of hers went out to America and brought this back for her! In 1979!!!!!!!!! WTF??? I'm stunned! That's all she could tell about it.

So it IS a Cover Girl. According to Wikipedia it is possible. hah
The case is pretty, isn't it? ^_^
You see, nothing in the back either....only the CG emblem.
Oookay, don't pay attention to the applicator. I know it's not hygeniec. Considering it's exactly 30 years old!!! I bet it never was powder puffs need washing too? Before you freake out...if you haven't yet, it never caused me any inflammation, break outs, etc. I guess time killed any bacteria XD

See, it's almost gone *sniff* I need to take good care of it. This is my HG powder! Don't know its name, since it's soooo old, but it beats every single powder I've ever had.

It has a nice smell, goes on lightly, so you can't go wrong, no need to blend it, bla, bla....Works wonders when I need a lil touch up. And it's pink, so it would be good for any skin color. But only I can use it hah. LOL Even makeup museums wouldn't have it, I bet.

So, that's my little secret weapon.....just wanted to lay it here =D

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