Friday, November 27, 2009

Eyeko Pretty Magic Eyes Set

Have you heard about Eyeko? It's a cheap and cute British brand.
And because I'm a sucker for chaep things, and even cheaper shipping fees, I ventured to the land of Eyeko cuteness. The website is sweet. I especially loved the manga. It's well drawn!

I bought a Pretty Magic Eyes Set for £7! It consists Eyeko Eye Beauty Pretty Eyes (the eyeshadow) and Eyeko Magic Liquid Eyeliner (the eyeshadow transformer liquid). Could the names be any dumber? I don't think so...anyway, they are cute.
Here they are:

The package reached me in a short time, that's a + for postal service, and the envelope had this nice stamp on it:

What made me wonder was the address of the mailer. Sweden? Isn't it a British brand? I even paid in pounds! So how does this work? A company with an address in England, but they store their stuffs in Sweden? And that's where they do business? And they even want me to pay in £????? That's cheating!

Well, here are the products:
Eyeko Eye Beauty Pretty Eyes:

Holding in your hand this is a lightweight aluminium round tube holding 5 eyeshadows. Pulling off the cap you smell a strong rose oil scent. Oh wait, that's not's an "old granny slathered in rose oil" disgusting smell. I hate it! @_@
The shadows are hard to pick up, even with fingertips. They are harsh to touch and the pigmentation.....euw

I had to layer on like 10 times to get them show up like this! Only the pink one has a "decent" pigment in it. This on the swatch photo was maybe two or three swipes....The frosty purple was...five times, I think....the others I don't want to think about! Horrible!
And they have these huge chunk of glitters you have to spread out on your lids....yuck.

Back of the can(?):

Eyeko Magic Liquid Eyeliner :
This looks like any other liquis eyeliner, but it isn't. This is supposed to transform any eyeshadow into liquid eyeliner.
See what the flag says:

Here's a credit-crunch beauty fix if ever there was one! Dip into any eyeshadow by running the applicator across your fave colour to create new liquid eyeliner shades again and again.

Did this "magic wand" do anything? Nothing! It does pick up the shadow, but tranforming? Ahem....It's like swiping water on your lashline! It even erases the shadow that was on my lid already V_V And before putting the applicator back to the pot, I can't even clean it...The color stays put no matter what.
Oh well, this was a cute waste of money. I suppose you should stay away from Eyeko products!
On happier notes. Does the Day of Smile exist? I don't know, but two teenagers stopped me the other day, hands full of papers. I thought they were those annoying ones with questionnaries, but they only wanted to give me little smiley stickers! ^^

BTW, that's my worn out, magically found Tokidoki bag, that would hold a dead body too! So huge! HEHE

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