Thursday, November 26, 2009

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipcolor

Today's victim is a cheap & fine lipstick:
Maybelline's Moisture Extreme Lipcolor
It's so weird the name is different for us. Why change it to Hydra Extreme Collagene?

Anyhow, I happened to have a 50% coupon for any drug store makeup item, so I couldn' let it pass, right? Even tho it was for drug stores....I went for a hunting and you know what? The colors I found pretty and/or fitting were all gone! In every single store! Every brand! So, in the 2163162356th store I found a color that I liked and couldn't find anywhere...a Maybelline one. And I sooo bought the last one! HAH For about $8! (<- 50% off included)

Since it's fall, and plums-purples are in, I went for one that even myself can wear.
And found: "Precious Purple"
It's indeed a precious one for me. A dark/strong color that looks okay on me....I even dare to say look good on me!^^

But I have bad news, I couldn't find this color on the US site. Or it has a different name. IDK.

Active power of a lip balm provides deep moisturization for voluptuous lips drenched in color.
56 sumptuous shades across every shade family to complement all skin tones

Non-feathering and non-bleeding
SPF 15 protection

Pretty, isn't it? Sorry for the fingerprints~
Actually the shimmers reflect the colors of rainbows. I couldn't catch them on camera.
Swatch on hand:

And on lips:

I'm happy to tell you guys this does not drag my lips when applied and does not dry them either. And has a  weak scent of.....uhm...vanilla, I think. My nose is useless, sorry! It's not a troubling scent. You can feel it only when sniffed the lipstick in the tube, not on your lips.

I'm unsure about this having collagene in it. I think it simply has something moisturizing, since my lips feel hydrated and full.

All in all, this Maybelline lippie is a great find among cheap ones! And I even got for less YEY! Am a happy owner!

Have you tried this before?
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