Thursday, November 26, 2009

Need Your help!

After the last incident on ebay, I thought I'd ask your opinion first.
I want to give myself a brush set for Xmas =] But I can't fork out 100-something bucks.
So, I found this on ebay, for 40 dollars: 9 brushes. Supposed to be shu uemura.

I'm asking all of you who has shu stores close or has their brushes or seen them in person, enlarge the photos and tell me, are they original? Coz I'm not sure...9 brushes for that price?
And the case...I haven't seen such. Brush cases ever been revamped? 
And there are any brush that has "badger" written on it?

It's weird coz on the shu site there are brushes on the ad photos that I can't find among the available ones...and they look like some on the photos above.

So please girls, if you can, help me! This is not an available brand in my country and I don't want to pay a lot for something fake.
Thanks! ♥
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