Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dior 1 Couleur Powder Mono Eyeshadow & package from Jacqueline

Christian Dior 1 Couleur Powder Mono Eyeshadow. Before reading on, make note that the eyeshadow I'm reviewing is not the latest one! Beat me, but I can't remember what year this was released! This is a very big favourite of mine, that's why I'm writing this. Whether you want to read about old stuffs or not! LOL I'm evil and egoistic, I know!
I Couleur is in the shade of: Peach! Wait, I have a story!
Many years ago I was watching TV...some fashion channel, showing new makeups and tricks. It must have been my late elementary years. And then, at that holy moment I saw a beautiful eyeshadow! It was a TRUE peachy peach, with a hint of baby pink! *__*
I can't really describe, but the color payoff was strong, and it was soooooooooo beautiful and vibrant! I fell in love instantly! The worst part is I have NO idea what brand it was! *cries*

So, ever since then I've been in an endless search for that color. And this eyeshadow is the closest I could find.....although this is no match, truth to be told, thid doesn't even look like peach on skin, but I love it nevertheless!
As I've seen, this shade is discontinued. I'm not sure, but I couldn't find it on the Dior site. Bah....must be my stupidity too!
Anyway, here are my thoughts:
Old, as you can see, packaging is old but pretty. Can't be anything less, since it's Dior =D
The color is somewhere between orange, beige and peach, also has golden shimmers. It goes on smoothly, covers skin evenly and does not crease or fade. Oh, wait, it did crease on me in the summer heat, but when the weather is not that humid, it stays on pretty well.
Just a side note: I do not wear primer. So if you do, I bet this would stick to you like glue all day long!

Here is a swatch. Can you see it? It's in the middle. Forgive my crappy photo skills, I couldn't capture the color. It's much, much more vivid! Also, the lighting is horrible here (in my dorm room).

For slightly better view here is a look I made using this eyeshadow not long ago.

I got a package from Jacqueline Yesterday, including all these yummies:

2 MAC Lipglasses
1 MAC Lustreglass
1 Maquillage lipgloss + 1 lipstick
The Body Shop Eyeshadow (an awesome blue!)
YSL Matt Touch Compact Foundation sample
RMK samples
Vichy Normaderm Refine sample (hey, this is Asia exclusive, I think, so must work for my pores too HAHA)
Kiehl's Abyssine Cream+ sample (I've always wanted to try this)
Aren't they awesome??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?
I can't say enough, you shouldn't have had to put in sooo many (precious) extras! You're too generous! I LOVE you! *.* Thank you!
Jacqueline is such an awesome woman!!! She needs more love, so check out her blog!

Here is another pic, to show better the colors >.<"

Why, oh why are some of my pictures are clickable, and some are not????? I did not resize them, or anything! grrrrrr

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