Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Etsy prchase & EOTD

I've seen many beauy bloggers buying stuffs from Etsy. At first I thoght "Oh, come on! That's so lame! These are handmade by God knows who! Definitely not good quality."
Of course fate or God or whoever thought I should learn my lesson, so I happened to come across a blog selling jewelries (and some makeup....that's how I found the blog) and was intrigued into buying some stuffs! ^_^ I bought only a few things: ear studs, ear cuff (that was a free gift) and dolphin earrings.

Isn't that purple stud gorgeous? Unique stuff not coming in my way on streets =D The black studs are for days when I want to keep it simple the dolphines are THE cuteness and the earcuff! My first time trying it and hope to wear it often!
Love them! They are pretty lovely! Thank you Jenny a.k.a. SimplyyJ!!!
Check out her Etsy store!

Here is today's eye look: kept it simple. Basically I don't use only one shadow on my lids, but I was lazy and used two eyeliners and one functioned as a shadow too, so that means did not use one color, right? =D

The lighting is horrible in dorm, so these photos don't do justice. Just use your imagination!

Dior Powder Mono Eyeshadow in Peach up above the crease.
Bourjois Sparkling Eyeliner in Brun Flamboyant on the upper lashline, smudged a bit upward to blend with the peachy color.
MUFE Aquaq Eyes 0L tightlined the upper lashline.
Diorshow mascara on lashes.

On the lower lashline: Bourjois on the 2/3 and mixed with 0L in the outer half.

Now, this photo catched the colors better, but it's still far from the actual shades. Oh, well.....
I have such cow eyes in this last pic hahahahahahhahahaha

Jumped on the band wagon (late, as always) and tried BB creams. Read millions of reviews, but I'm not sure which one would suite my skin best. Some people even got break outs! yuck! So I went with the safest way and bought this mini set of Skin79 BB creams. 10g each tube, in all $13 (incl. shipping) I'll do a review for all four types and which one is best, then go and buy a full size tube =D
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