Monday, September 21, 2009

L'Oreal Nutribronze 24hr body lotion - Progressive tan

Here is another stuff from my haul: L'Oreal Nutribronze 24hr Body Lotion. A self tanner lotion for fair/light skin. There are two types: for ligh and dark skin types.
I did a research and couldn't find any content in english, except this doesn't exist (only for some European countries). I think this is one of those pranks L'Oreal likes to pull on us, when the same product has different names in different countries. It's really disturbing, you know!?
Well, I'm sure this is the same as Sublime Glow Daily Body Moisturizer and Natural Skin Tone Enchancer. Quite a long name =D The features are the same, so it must be its alterego.
Nutribronze or Sublime Glow... promises to mositurize and tan you little by little. It got this "progressive tanning" effect tag which I was pleased with and had high expectations. Not an instant tan I screw up easily (hey, I'm a novice in self tanning). This is supposed to darken you as days goes by.
Peeling is not necessary but recommended. Just in case. After the first use I found my legs slightly darker. So far so good! I've been using it for two weeks, every day, sometimes both morning and evening. And I have to does NOTHING! The most color I achieved was from the first use!!!!!! Can you believe it??? Two f*cking weeks and nothing! I don't expect to turn into an afro-american, but this is surely not what L'Oreal promised! I've seen only raving girls net-wide, saying this is one of the best self-tanners....nothing the disgusting self-tanning smell, no flaking, no uneven fading, no heavy cloth coloring. Only one girl was having the same problem over at MUA as me. I was soooo relieved that I'm not the only one who this does not work for!
I experienced no staining, even though I didn't wait for the lotion to soak in totally. Absolutely no blotches on my pants!
The scent....I can't describe, but it's nice! ^.^
The lotion.....white, no trace of brown or orange, with a hint of shimmer which won't show up on you. Oh, it's easy to spread and absorbs fast.
Its biggest advantage is being a lotion! I've tried many body lotions, but my skin doesn't like them. I get itchy and end up rubbing myself all over. But with Nutribronze I had no problem! YEY How cool is that?

And the downfall? It did nothing to give me a nice sunkissed glow. That's it.
For $9 (in the US) you get 200ml product, which is good, if Nutribronze works for you. Don't forget, I'm a rare specie unable to tan. Now suspecting it's impossible even with artificial help.
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