Sunday, August 9, 2009

YSL Opium Legends De Chine Powder for the Eyes & Complexion

Well, I happened to buy this little cute powder on ebay for $10! If I know well it retails for $67...? Anyway, I made a great deal and that's the point. The paper box is the same brown as the parfume's and inside there's the deep purple pouch holding the powder, a mini blush brush and a two end applicator. I have noting bad to say about their quality.

The powder: the case is beutiful *.* Is that a phoenix? Hmm Dunno, but must be something from the Chinese mithology.

The inside with flash.
I'm not sure why there is that red spot in the pink part, but it doesn't strike any redness when applied, so it must be neccessary...I use the purple stripe only on my eyes, while the pink and beige/golden goes on eyes and/or face. Aren't those sprakling particles pretty?

A close up without flash.

Pink goes on my cheeks and the beige/gold is for contouring, but sometimes I put it on my apples for a more natural glow.

Swatches with flash.
Compared to the golden and pink, purple/plum (or now here brown) looks ugly...that's why I only use it on my lashline or the outer V of my eyelids.

Swatches without flash.

Here the pink shows up better but looks rather white =DD It's great for highlighting.
This powder was a limited edition, so it can't be found anymore (at least I didn't see it) by the counters, but ebay and other online stores still carry it. Opium is a legendary parfume and this palette does a good job holding the name. Lives up to the fame, and wearing together with the parfume is a 'boom' =DD
Also, the staying power is exellent and that's a must IMHO. Would be a shame if it'd crease shortly.....I didn't have creasing after several hours. So far I only wore it for 4 or 6 hours most. But in extreme heat and I did sweat a lot. hah Sorry!

That's it...I'll take good care of this lil babe!
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