Monday, August 31, 2009

Super mini haul

There's haul>mini haul>and now i creater super mini haul! haha
Yesterday I went shopping with my Mom for my moving into dorm this Sunday. And since it was near we checked the new drugstore. Ahem it was rather like me dragging along Mom, who wanted to scream knowing what would come.
In the end we bought just a few things. It was closing time and we were the last ones in the store and SAs asked me to pay and leave =DD
Thus all I could pick up was a Helia-D night cream (you could see my review for their cleansing wipes in my previous post). I run out of my night cream (I keep running out of everything=D), so I needed a new and this was on sale for $5!!!! Just couldn't let it pass. I'll do a review this week.

Also picked up a John Frieda anti-frizz hair masque. Haven't tried this brand before and this was about the same price as the cream above (can't really remember). Since I'm not sure if it works, I didn't buy the shampoo, conditioner, etc. This is enough to try it.
My Mom stuck to the Shiseido skin care counter, tried some creams and the SA gave here some samples (Shiseido and Lancome, one you can see above in the pic) but didn't buy anything. Her skin, just like mine is quite picky. We both need to try samples before purchasing anything, because many things cause irritation or worse, allergic reactions. *sigh* So while Mom was lemming over the creams, I stood dumbfounded in front of the Guerlain and Burjois counters. Burjois held some nice sales on their mascaras. And Guerlain just....Guerlain. Doubt I need to say anything. I was nagging Mom to buy a meteorites blusher or just anything, but she said promtly NO to everything! T_T Sucks when one gets her money only from parents.
In the end I couldn't cry out anything because the SA asked us to finish and leave =D But she said they have a birthday anniversary next week (means this week XD) and they give 10% off on every purchase. That's like nothing, but oh well, i'll drag back my living budget holder these days! HAHA
I'm such a mommy's lil girl >=D

Ah, one more thing, among many stationery, I got this purple spiraled booklet for college...I like it a lot! That white emblem is some glittery overspray or something. Really pretty in sunlight. Sadly I couldn't take a photo that could show it X_X

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