Thursday, September 3, 2009

Helia-D Moisturising Night Cream

I know I shouldn't write about products that are hardly available worldwide, but I was sooo pleased with this night cream, that I just had to praise it whether anyone cared or not.

I'm happy I bought this! I don't like shelling out fortunes for high end brand creams when cheapers do the same. The last night cream I used was Nivea. Some oxigenated whatever, I don't remember its name. It was good, but I used it up soon. And it was also more expensive than this Helia-D. Hey, why the name Helia-D? What does the D stand for? X_X I have no idea LOL
Well, this performed great! I used these nights, from the day I bought it and OMG I love it! I put it on thick and despite it, it soaks in a minute or two. You ask why I want it to soak in when it's a night cream? I just can't stand when a cream is sitting on my face like some grease! YUCK Disgusting~

The tube is a black glass jar and holds 50ml. The cream's consistency...I'd say it's between gel and cream. Easily blendable. It's for all skintypes. I only saw the Classic line in the store, but the brand has lot more now: cleansers, body lotions, eye creams, makeup removers, whatnot. Specially for dry and sensitive skin they carry products containing Hyaluron and Litchy. MMM Litchi....
Here it is just swapped on my hand. It has such a nice smell. Real sunflower stem. Have you smelled it before? If not, you missed great pleasure. My God-father has a winery and going there there are endless sunflower fields. It's a great feeling getting lost in them. hehe So breaking its stem you find a sponge like part and it has this scent. *.* Love it. And this cream has the same scent~
As soon as meeting skin, it becomes watery and starts hydrating immediately.
Ah, to the results. Already after the first usage, when I woke I was dumbfounded. My skin was smooth like a newborn's and my lips! I have dry, chapped lips and need to balm them all day long. This cream.....made them pouty, lustruous soft lips! *___* Kyaaaaa!
I'm so gonna try their day creams and eye creams!!! Also, they have two limited editions. One is a simple day cream with UV, the other is an anti-agening one, but both comes in a hand-golded porcelain bottle, by the artist Endre Szász. I know his name says nothing, but Herend porcelain might. Check it out. Googling on it, the products are breathtaking. Once I had the chance to visit the factory. Seeing how they made china made me appreciate it even more.

Here is a little 'history lesson' about the brand. And now I shut up! =P
In the early 1980s we met a kind elderly woman whose skin was kept amazingly fresh and smooth in spite of her age, because she had made and used her own creams from sunflower stems. This impression made biogal pharmaceuticals became interested in the cream and did thorough laboratory testing on it. The results of these tests convinced even the company’s experienced researchers, and they immediately began to develop a cosmetic product line based on sunflower stem extract.

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