Saturday, August 29, 2009

Avon Solutions vs. Helia-D Cleansing Wipes

I know these are not top brands, and these are JUST cleansing wipes. No serious stuff.
And to tell the truth, I don't use wipes, but these both were freebies with magazines, so, well, yeah....why not try them if these are free?

Let's start with Helia-D Moisturizing Facial Cleansing Wipes With Herbal Extracts.

Helia-D is a Hungarian brand famous and trustworthy of using sunflower stems. You can read about the brand, its history and used ingredients here.

I remember their facial creams were very popular when I was still a kindergartener (in the early '90s), but then the brand disappeared (no ads, no hype) and lately they've came back. Although I sill haven't seen advertisements. The products are back in drug stores, and this freeby was the only kind of "ad" they've done. If I can call it that.

Effectively removes waterproof makeup and dirt. Gently and easily cleans the facial skin, eye area, and neck, it is ph neutral. Active ingredients keep skin from drying. Contains herbal extracts to prevent inflammation and regenerate injured skin. Formulated to soth inflammation and regenerate the skin's outer layer. Alcohol and lanolin free.

As you can see, the sachet is yellow, like the Sun or the sunflower =D Sadly it had only 10 wipes, which I run out of too soon.
While using, I was a bit worried that the clothes were harsh and felt dry. Even wiping my face felt a bit wrong. Like scrubbing. But it removed my makeup nontheless. After using it, my skin felt refreshed. I think thanks to the herbal extracts.

Next is Avon's from the Solutions line called Completely Clean - Revitalising Cleansing Wipes
I don't use Avon stuffs anymore. Some years ago I did. Since my mother bought me my makeup stuffs. But Avon's makeup quality....let's not talk about them. Their creams and other skin cares are ok. My nr.2 face cream is Avon! LOL

This cleansing wipes came as a full size freeby. It costs about $7,5 here in Hungary, but I don't know about other countries. They don't carry it in the US?
It claims: In one easy step, this gentle cleanser removes dirt, impurities and makeup. Leaves skin looking healthy, clean and refreshed.
Removes makeup? Averagely, yes. Dirt? I don't know, I clean my face only in the morning and evening. And this wipe used only before going to bed, followed with cleansing milk, toner, etc. etc.
And here comes my problem. the clothes are indeed soft, feels much better than Helia-D's. They are not dry, rather full of moisture. It has so much of it that when rubbing the mascara off, it gets into my eye and irritates it!!!! Yuck! Not to mention after wiping my face this liquid stayes on my skin, and I have to wash it off.
And does this product left my skin refresed? No! It felt...heavy. How should I explain...Like there was a film on my skin that didn't let it 'breath'. Definitely needed a proper cleansing afterward.

All in all, none of this two products cleansed my skin perfectly. Using cream cleansers afterward and toner in pads still had dirt and makeup to remove. It was disappointing to see. I really don't see what's the point of these cleansing wipes. Those who wear makeup daily, wouldn't want to remove it during work, and in the evening, it's just no good. For those wear nothing, I think it must be useful, when traveling, during sport activities, and so on. Although I'm not one of them.
The value? I'd say Avon is ok, although I wouldn't buy it. Helia-D, I just checked and for US residents it $9.95 + shipping, while I can buy it a bit over $1!! *cough* Ahem...the other stuffs are also much expensive over there, guys. If any of you want unique (in the US) skin-care better ask me for help =D

For me Helia-d performed waaay better (and I'm in love with its nice flowery scent). I'm now a proud Hungarian 'native'. LOL

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