Wednesday, January 21, 2015

MAC Cream Color Base in Breaking Ground

Just a short swatching of MAC Cream Color Base in Breaking Ground. Color is described as "light iridescent mauve" and as a mauve-lover, I bought it.

These Cream Color Bases are multi-use items, meaning they can be used as lipcolor, blush, highlighter, under or over foundation, some can be worn even on eyelids. It depends on the color and what the box says. Not all colors can be used everywhere. 
Actually, it's a shame but due to my crease-freak eyelids I never wear these as eyeshadows =(

Priced at 21 USD it is cheaper than other MAC blushes (powder or cream) plus it's versatile.
Not to mention that its pro version (sans the case, horray to mix&match palettes) costs only 14USD!!! Much better, huh?!

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