Monday, March 26, 2012

Méthode Jeanne Piaubert - Irilys

After I arrived to Georgia my very first beauty related victim was this Méthode Jeanne Piaubert Irilys anti-agening, anti-fatigue eye contour cream gel.

I was in deep need of an eye cream when I decided to try this brand. If you don't know Méthode Jeanne Piaubert, then here is a short history of them. I'd never used anything from the brand, but had known that in Hungary it can be found only in expensive beauty salons and one department store had one or two products, so I was like 'why not' and ran home to try it.

Description: "For dual anti-ageing and anti-fatigue action, this unique care combines structuring, draining and moisturising active ingredients in an exclusive multi-layered structure.

The fine skin on the eye contour regains its density, structure and softness."

The packaging is nothing spectacular if not for the spatula it comes with. Not all eye creams come with a spatula, right? It's really useful, I don't have to put my finger into the cream spreading bacteries and risking skin irritation, but it's recommended to clean or disinfect the spatula after every time you used it. And that is just sooo annoying! Who has the time for it every morning and night?

The texture is somewhere between gel and cream, and you can clearly see them. I tried to capture it, and maybe the photo above shows it better than the one below, just click on it.

You can see the green 'creamy' part with the shiny shimmers and the clear 'gel' around it. They are not like water and oil in the same package tho, you can't get one without the other and the texture is quite homogeneous.

The shimmer doesn't show at all on skin yet it helps to brighten the dull area.
As you could see in my previous post, my under-eye circles are still very much there, but this gel helps with imagine the original! bwahahaha 

I had a problem with dryness around the eyes too. No matter how much and what creams I put on, it was the same dry skin and both foundation and concealer sat into the fine lines (which are still present) and the dry cracks in an unsighty way.

With this I said good-bye to dryness and the fine lines aren't that prominent either.

I'm not saying this is the best eye cream ever, coz I have the feeling that it isn't, but it's not bad, and I like it very much, maybe I'll buy another one. Its usual price is around 53 EUR, so not the cheapest thing ever, but considering I bought mine in late November and now, nearing the end of March I still have about 1/4 of it, it's not that price-wise. You need just a little for both eyes, so the 15ml you get for your money lasts for a long time.

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