Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Essence Moonlight Collection Shimmer Powder

Those in Europe must know the inexpensive and cute makeup brand Essence. Some American girls too coz as far as I know one store carries the brand.
Well, I splurged a while ago when I found a drugstore having stuff from previous collections. Couldn't miss the chance and bought a looooooot of stuffs. Do not be surprised if I blog about Essence only. >.<

The Moonlight collection (inspired by Twilight - New Moon) was available in November - December in 2009. So if you happen to see this somewhere jump on it!^^

Shimmer huh? Cullenesque shiny skin? No way~

And no, no shiny diamonds like on Edward hehe
It gives a true shimmer without tiny glitters showing. It's like moonlight shone upon the cheeks.

Simple but pretty, isn't it?
The packaging is tight and safe, not heavy nor light, just the right weight.

Direct swatch from the pan.

And on-hand swatch by brush. Click on it to see in better quality.
So fine particles!^^

It's definitely not for the whole face. Who would like to look like a shiny head....it might make you look like you had oily skin if you used it overly or on improper places.
This powder is for highlighting and as one it works great!

In some cases it sits in and enlarges pores on cheeks, but not always. I found it doesn't like watery and/or creamy foundations. Works best on dry bases. Right now I'm using RMK liquid foundation and it's like the shimmer is mixed with the foundation and isn't "sitting" on it. Don't know if you get what I mean. >.<
It's not that bad, just that it disturbes me when someone gets up-close to me and I think "OMG she must see the pores". From normal distance it can't be seen. And it's not everywhere, just the inner side of my cheeks nearing the nose.

An inexpensive must-have basic tool for everyone!
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