Monday, September 27, 2010

Essence blush & nail polish

Another Essence post....yeah. Gotta post about other brands too, right?
Again some hard to find stuffs:

First a great blush from the Surfer Babe collection which was available this summer. Lately all Essence shelves are wiped clear in 3 or 4 days after release. Sometimes it's a torture to find a drugstore that still has the item you want.

I tend to think the only thing Essence cannot fail producing is blush. Most of their shimmer/face powder stuffs are good and many of the nail polishes too.
The lipglosses are usually crap (except some HG).
Do not ever use their eyeshadows though! Crapload....
The (mineral) foundations aren't that good either.

But back to the blush I'm going to review....Surfer Babe Powder Blush 01.

Nice, clear plastic case, summery feeling. Too bad there was none left when I went to buy one back when it was released...
I could only find one leftover, a broken one...

See? The lid is a bit broken, so when you close the case, the powder still gets air, which is not good, so now I'm trying to figure out a good solution. Maybe a powder puff would be best, but I couldn't find a fitting one yet.
Yes, I know, never buy any broken cosmetics but I just couldn't leave it. This was the only one left! ˇ.ˇ

Couldn't resist using it before getting good lighting for photos...

Lightweight pink color:

(with flash)

(and without flash)

It gives a nice pinkish flush to the cheeks without overdoing it. Just the right amount and shade for the healthy complexion.

Another old collection, Creamylicious.
I have only one nail polish from this release, Chocolate shake. I think the name fits well with the actual color.
You can see tiny little pink shimmers too if you look closely. I also love how the bottle is different from other nail polishes

Wasn't able to catch the color perfectly and the himmers are washed out too on this nail-swatch. Sorry for the unkept cuticles.

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