Sunday, December 27, 2009

Philosophy 50% Year End Sale

So it seems I tend to post several times a day, then nothing for days! Sorry!
This I have to share with you though!

Did you know about Philosophy's big sale?

Isn't it great???
And you get free shipping when ordering for $50 or more! I have to say it's not hard to put together a fifty bucks worth of list! In the end the hardest was to decide what to throw out to reduce the sum! LOL
The fact, that there's a bag of wonders too doesn't help:

For 20 dollars you get a bag full of favourite products worth $50. But you don't know what's inside until you open it! Ah not fair!

Christmas is over, but we want to feel it for more, right? Even if we have to surprise ourselves, right? HEHE
So I thought "what's with the 20% sales when there's better too?"
Skin care, bath sets, lovely lipglosses....
Not to mention the free samples with every order....

And here came the icy shower: $40 bucks of shipping for me! Thus I kicked the site to the other side of the planet where it belongs! While US girls get free shipping I have my order doubled! How fair is that? Merry Christmas! >_>

So, will you girls take advantage of the  incredible sale? And lie to me that the products actually suck big time? HEHE *_*

EDIT: In the name of more prezzies for myself I went to Bobodave's site and ordered an incredulous lot! LOL Now my shopaholic thirst is somewhat slaked! ^.^
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