Sunday, December 27, 2009

Xmas prezzies

So, this year's Xmas wasn't as fruitful as before. Thanks to the economic state and the financial breakdown my family is in.
But Little Jesus...*cough* Santa for you, did visited me and dropped some things that made me real happy:
  • underwears - who doesn't get any? You know, one always needs some new garments ;D
  • fairily good smelling shower gels
  • tote bag - big, red and laquered. Something I fear to wear. It's too girly! But I must start wearing such stuff, right?
  • knitted pullover - noo it's not that what you think of! It's more like a shirt. See through, so you can add whatever under it, and the arm part...OMG Love it's like a poncho, but isn't. Something I can't describe. It's interesting nontheless! Any piece of material that holds a bit of interesting part is a win-win for me! So the arms made this super valuable and loved! ^.^ 
  • leather gloves - YEY! You know leather gloves are IN this season! And this is thankfully not that artificial leather.....real Romanian material! Yumm! I soo needed a pair of gloves that does not let wind blow through! *_*  
  • parfume - It's a scent for teens but totally my taste and lingers for a loooong time! Winner!
  • lots of empty DVDs - I know, sounds lame, but I'm always in need for them. My Jrock and Korean drama and such addiction requires great investment......More than 400 disks, plus the tens that are not in the database yet. =.= Yes, I have a database organizing every single disk so I know where to look for the needed things.....argh I'm sick! X_X
  • some theater play or concert CDs - dunno what these are exactly. Haven't checked them yet LOL
And the highlights and beauty related items are the ones I bought for myself (previously)!
  • Shiseido The Makeup Silky Eye Shadow Quad (Q1) - review coming!
  • L'Occitane Shea Hand Cream - you know, the basic one with 20% shea butter. My first purchase of the brand and I'm in officially in Heaven! (And in Hell becoz of the price! LOL) Review coming!
So, what did YOU find under the tree?
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