Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Skin79 BB Cream mini set

So, my first venture into the BB realms is here. It took me forever, but now I present you 4 BB creams at once!
Skin79 BB Cream mini set

I got this on ebay for 10 bucks! And I mean 10 bucks for all, with free shipping! Each little tube holds 5g of product wich means 4x5=20g! Almost a full/decent size BB cream (though not the 50g super size yumminess but those smaller sizes)! For mere 10 dollars you can try 4 different creams so you don't have to waste money on full sized ones figuring out which one suits you best!
I say: Isn't it a great deal?????????

The set includes (from left to right):

1.SUPER+ Beblesh Balm B.B TRIPLE FUNCTIONS (vivid pink)
3.Super+ Beblesh Balm Golden Collection (golden)
4.B.B DIAMOND COLLECTION PEARL Luminous Beblesh Balm (pearly silver)

Let's see some swatches before I say some words about each:

They all differ a bit in color

Half-blended without flash.
I didn't blend them well since the amount of creams were a bit much, plus this way you can still see the colors compared to my skintone.

And here it is with flash. Isn't the pearl one a nice shimmery one? *_*

And now onto the 4 creams:

Skin79 Super+ BB Cream Pink Label

Suitable for oily/combination skin or those prone to clogged pores. Triple functional:
Whitening & UV Protection SPF25 PA++ & Wrinkle Free
Phyto Complex : Moisturizes and soothes skin so it stays hydrated and healthy and soothing makes your skin always moist and healthy.
Brightening and whitening effects, giving your face a radiant glow, while smoothening wrinkles.
Sunblock Protection SPF25 PA+++
Lightweight & oil-free.

This was the first I started using late summer/fall. But still reach for it now (for the last drops in the tube LOL) So, this supposed work on oily skin, thus my dry skin mixed with oily T-zone should be a piece of cake easy job, right? Well, let me just say: stay away! It made me so oily like I've never been before! Even on my cheeks which is dry on it's onwn!

Skin79 B.B Diamond Collection The Prestige Beblesh Balm

SPF25 PA++
Peptide MX complex - moistrizing
Caviar extract - firming
Coenzym - protection
Aloe vera - for soft and healthy skin
Arbutin - whitening
Adenosine - anti-wrinkle
Titanium-oxide - sun blocking
Asparagus/sea-tangle - skin calming
Diamond/pearl/gold/amethyst/ruby - glossy skin

This one is better than the pink Super+ one above! Didn't made me as oily, but it was still too much for my taste.

Skin79 Super+ BB VIP Gold Collection

Triple Function: whitening & SPF25 PA++ & Wrinkle free
Arbutin/Adenosin/Titanium-dioxide - whitening/anti-wrinkle/sun protecting
Gold/caviar - elastic skin
Phyto compley - moisturizing
Coenzym/Vitamin E/Almond oil - healthy skin
Aloe vera/green tea/potulacaceae - flexible skin
OSMOPUR (sunflower+rice+ivy) - protect skin

Now, this is my favourite of the set! I started using this when the weather turned colder (around fall), so I'm not sure about how it performs in warm. It's pretty decent with minimal oiliness. It's almost non-existing!

Skin79 Diamond Collection Pearl Luminous Beblesh Balm

Luminous Pearl is oil-free, moisturizing and gives a nice shimmery finish. At first I was freaked out! I always do my makeup with magnifying mirror and direct light (as I have terrible eyesight). So, when I saw my skin in the lamp's light I almost screamed and tossed the tube for like EVER! I looked like a discoball...if not a chunky glitterball! I do not like shimmer that I can see (with my bad eyes) the particles.
I thought I'd never use this again! I was so wrong!

Thankfully I tried it again  like a month later my first and disastrous affair and now I'm in love!
To tell the truth I'd never use this alone, without anything on top....uhm......I don't want to......shine? o_O
Most of the times it functions as a base followed with foundation....or topped with a base, then foundation for an even more perfect finish.
It gives a perfect shine from under the foundation. A luminous finish...a pearly shine-through. You know what I mean? A healthy glow!
And it does not make me oily either....it's like the golden one.

About all 4 BB creams:

As many BB expert bloggers say you only need a very little amount for the whole face. Like a pea. Now, that proved to be not enough for me. My skin itched and screamed for more, so I'd say use a moisturizer before, don't try to skip it thinking BB creams will substitute! Especially if you have dry skin!
About 1,5 pea LOL is enough for me, 2 is too much. And i also spread it on my forehead last to prevent super oiliness.

Coverage is light which I don't like, but since I don't use it alone I'm fine with it. Surprisingly all 4 shades fit me well. As you can see above they each look a bit different in color, but once spred and blended well (not like on the swatch photos) they fit perfectly
It also covers the pores on my nose very well, but not on my forehead.

All in all, if I happen to invest into this brand again, I'm going for the golden one! Throwing in the pearly one too, just becoz of the subtle glow! LOL
But....which brand should I give a try next? There are so many! @__@
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