Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Estée Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher

Here is part2 of my Estée Lauder trial.

See here for my preferences for face creams and any other type of serums, face-care products. I think I'll link back there every time in stead of repeating what I want.

I have large, or medium (?) pores on my forehead and nose that I hate....I want them invisible, but so far nothing helped. No toners, masks, serums, nothing. I've seen people with volcano huge pores and they don't seem to care...Are they blind? Or that stupid? Can't imagine life like that....compared to them I have no problem, still, this is too much for my liking.

This serum? refinisher? is listed in 3 size, with 3 price tag. From $46.50 to $120. I have no idea about "oz"-es. What is it called? Ounce? Please, write "ml"-s next to it! ˇ_ˇ
Anyway, I have the smallest (1.0 oz bottle), thankfully!

What it claims:
- Pores look 1/3 smaller

- Refinishes skin texture
This fast-acting serum delivers our most dramatic skin resurfacing benefits—more efficiently than ever before.
Virtually poreless:

- Pores appear 1/3 smaller—instantly.
- See a 69% reduction in the look of pores in just 4 weeks.
Repairs the look of uneven skin texture, flakiness and roughness. Smooth it on and instantly enjoy that soft, seamless, silky feeling you love. Gives skin an overall more even tone.

To make it short, go, waste your money on something else! This did nothing for me! Not one pore was didn't even appeared to be smaller. By optical tricks or whatever. And I used it vigorously every day!
What I got was a slightly oily slick that didn't seemed to ever soak in. Now, tell me, how should I apply foundation? yuck! With powder foundation it's inpossible!
And while the Hydra Complete had a cucumber scent, this is lime-y! Ooooooh, please! I hate lime as ice-cream during summers too, I don't want it on my face for winter! @_@

On a personal note.
I'm so depressed! I have 7373736373734 hand-ins to do the next 2 weeks, that I don't know where to start. They are difficult, and I have to hand in the title of my diploma work by this weekend! We have only 1 fucking week to decide the title, after they soooo generously made the availale topics public last weekend!!! How fantastic is that? I couldn't even contact the estabilishment yet that might help me with the research. Coooooool!^^
Yesterday I ended up crying like a baby becoz I felt so helpless! How am I supposed to finish everything?

And today I was left in the harbour (went there becoz of internship) all alone. The last local bus was long gone, woods everywhere, and it started to darken! I had to hitchhike a trailer turck to get me into populated area! @_@ I was so afraid of getting raped or murdered!
Must have seen too much bad movies! >_>

Have a safe and happy night/day! I'm gonna watch 2012! Bye~
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