Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kanebo KATE Glam Trick Eyes BR-1 review and EOTD

I know this isn't new, but it earned a review focusing only on this palette, no comparing, whatsoever. Oh, and the new fall palette from KATE....I spent my 'makeup' money on some things else, thus I'll be the last one on net doing swatches. Dunno when. Bwahaha Sorry, being a college student makes be poor (and I mean it) >.<

The shadows: There are 5 shadows. 1 eyeliner (black), 1 highliter (white), 2 shadows (browns) and another ?eyeshadow? which I call 'sprinkle-on' (golden) because it's rather a pack of golden sprarkle, not an actual eyeshadow, unless you want a hardly-there-glittering-effect.

See the yellow sparkles in the black liner? Pretty. It doesn't show up on skin though. And, it looks rather greyish brown than black.
The highlighter is okay. Isn't too white/pigmented, so you won't look like a clown with chalky white eyelids. It's perfect for usage under eyebrows.
The browns. The upper one is a more dark shade and a bit colder tone. I regret not taking a photo when it was new. With usage, the upper particles wore down and became this dark in the case. It was more light. The lower one is a more light and warm brown. Beige, I'd say.

Swatches above without flash, in order: D, C, B, E, A. See below the diagram for making sure which one is which. The texture is pretty fine, like satin and they are well pigmented, no need to stroke it forever to get a decent color.

Well, that's the recommended look by KATE. But you know, "No more rules" HEHE Obviously it's for Asian eye shapes, but who says a European can't wear it the same way? Plus, you can combine it however you want.

Now, onto the look I created following the diagram:

The black and both browns blended perfectly. I smudged the eyeliner, and it became really light. I should have added another layer.
Oh, and put a little gold glitter to the center of my eyelids.

See? There's hardly any trace of black. Ugh. I LOVE lining black my eyes.
Oops, seems like I couldn't reach the roots of the lashes properly. That happens when you use fat brushes for applying mascara. Used Max Factor False Lash Effect and it sucks! The wand is foolproff, okay (or maybe I'm used to it) but the formula does no volumizing...and talking about false lashes. Don't make me laugh!

Tight lined with MUFE Aqua Eyes 0L...and a bit light brown (C) from the palette to the lower lash line and that's all.
See the white part under my eyes? The outer corner? You guessed right. Concealer for my dark circles HAHA Used mineral concealer (which I found a bit hard to blend) and foundation on top of it, and I tell you, it didn't look white. Photos see everything...and emphasize every little flaw =D

EDIT: okay, now I'm confused. Why are some of my pics clikable for full size and others (actual eye shots) not? *grrr*
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