Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Best find: JUJU Aquamoist Moisture Cream

One of the advantages of beauty blogging/reading beauty blogs that you see raves about all kinds of products  all the time, until you start dreaming with them. If you're super weak, then you'll go and buy them, coz "they said it was good!"
If you have some selfcontrol left, like me, then you only buy these things when you can't get the raved products out of your mind and want to see/feel yourself if it's really THAT good. That's how I met my IT toner, Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid lotion. Yes, THE Hada Labo one. However, this post is not about the toner itself. 

To make sure you understand why I love the famous toner (and now basically anything containing hyaluron acid), you need to know that I have dry skin, which is sensitive and allergic to metals and behaves quite strangely. 

During winter even heavy/greasy creams aren't enough to soothe it. They stay in the upper levels of my skin, making my skin sticky and look like an oilball. At the same time, the lower levels of my skin remains dry, in dire need of moisturization. That's when I start itching and scratch my face all over, until I leave red scratch marks on my cheeks, chin and neck.
Night creams are somewhat helpful, but they aren't meant for daytime usage, and even with them I have nasty scratch-seasons.

During summer it's a different story. I cannot waltz around in heavy the heat! The itching remains the same just paired up with sweating. Nice, huh? So the solution should be a lightweight moisturizer that goes deep under the surface of skin. Have you met one before? I haven't. Whenever I felt like I found one I was disappointed when I went outside into the summer heat. It was like my skin wanted to shrink away, pumping all the liquids out. So imagine someone passying-by you on the street looking like she just came out of a swimming pool. Nasty....And the itching...brrr....

Well, last year I was fed up with scratching my face and in my misery I asked a fellow blogger (Georgina aka coffretgorge) to help me out and buy me a bottle of hyaluronic acid lotion while on holiday. They best one at that. 
I couldn't have been more lucky! Best purchase of my life!

This is where I skip a huge in the story and here we are, at the additional weapon against dry skin: JUJU Cosmetics Aquamoist - Hyaluron Acid Moisture Cream

I wanted to stick to HadaLabo, but couldn't find their cream anywhere online, so I tried the JUJU one instead. 
Below is the instruction in Engrish.

The jar is nothing special, not too heavy, made of glass (except the lid), not some cheap-feeling plastic.

And the cream itself. White, gelish texture. A 30ml bottle sells for USD 18.63 on Bobodave at the moment.

Inexpensive and good quality. Works well with the Hadalabo toner. During winter I need more of the cream tho, but it's okay during summer. 
I think it's due to the hyaluron acid or the absorption helping ingredients or the carrying additives (I'm no chemistry genius, sorry) that the acid gets deep under the skin surface and remains there. Thus, this is my first type of skincare product that actually works and does what I expect from it.
I rarely go on a scrathy frenzy nowadays and it means a lot to me!
I LOVE Hyaluron Acid! <3

Don't expect this to whiten your skin or have SPF, any anti-agening stuff, smooth out wrinkles, etc. This promises only one thing and does it very well: moisturize.
BTW, a well-moisturized face is a step away from wrinkles ;)

JUJU Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Cream is definitely recommended! 

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