Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Urban Decay, YSL, Prada lippie swatches + extra silliness

Here are the promised swatches to the lippies from my previous post. I promised, right? Sometimes I do keep my words! LOL
Now I don't include photos of the mini lipsticks (they are super cute), click if you want to see them.

From left to right: Urban Decay (Sellout), YSL, Prada Shielding balm

 Lipswatch of Urban Decay - Sellout:

Got sheered out, sorry!
The formula is non drying and last quite well. It drags a bit my chapped lips, but once on it's quite comfortable. It has a typical lipstick scent. Not flower or sweet scented like some brands.

YSL lipswatch:

It's a Pure Shine lippie, but I don't know the shade. It's not written on the tube =.=
The color is a beautiful rose/berry topped with golden shine! You can see it on the photo!  I'm so glad I was able to catch it!

It glides on like butter, also non-drying and has a pleasant fruity smell, But I can't determine what fruit, for the life of mine!

Sorry for not providing lipswatch for the Prada one. It's such a tiny sample that I try to save up every nano-ml! LOL I don't even know if the makeup line of Prada is available here @_@
It has sun protection (SPF15) which is niiiiiiice~
The cream is thick, looks like chocolate cream, but matte and has a minty fresh but sweet scent.
It gives pouty lips. And doesn't feel sticky either.

If it turns out the only store that carries brands Like Bobbi Brown and Giorgio Armani has Prada too......and I happen to win a lottery (normally I wouldn't spend as much for a lip balm like I guess this might) I'm sooo gonna snatch a few of this balm!

Have I mentioned that Hungary finally left behind prehistoric times, and we do can buy Bobbi Brown and Giorgio Armani makeup? Yep. Only one department store has them in the whole country. And it's the most expensive place of all. If you don't want to run away crying seeing the price tags, you don't go near that place! Devil's lair! I've only been there 6 or 7 years ago with my high-school class.Thank God I didn't bother with the prices back then....we just enjoyed prettiness and how there was two buildings and we could get lost LOL

Oh, we were such innocent kids...not like nowaday's teens!

Sadly I never visit that part of the capital T_T 

If they ever bring in Illamasqua, Urban Decay or any Japanese brands except Shiseido and Kanebo, I'm gonna fork out the super expensive local transportation fares and spend there a week, snapping photos crazily! HAHAHAHAHA

And now!
Some fun  videos I love waching lately:

How to dance Kpop style!

SuJu's Sorry Sorry is so funny!
But of course Abracadabra is THE BEST! ROFL
Watch it!

And one more thing:

Lady Gaga - Badder romance (parody)
Watch it till the end...or fuck off!

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