Monday, March 22, 2010

Some great deals around the net

Thank you loely ladies for the good wishes and cheering for me! <3 *throws kisses*

I'm super excited to move this Wednesday! But now I have a lot of administrative stuffs to do, and stupid people won't make it easy for me @_@

I wanted to write a review (I have photos stocked into folders enough for months!!!!), but i'm tired and still have 3 assignments to do Today! X_X

And since I can't wait to start work, get my paycheck and spend it all in an afternoon, I'm lemming and drooling on every single sale that can be found!

Here are some.

Before you go, and click on the links, make note that these are invite-based sites. Thus, if you register and buy something, I get some money. However, these sites are US only and that means I can't use them! (Actually, I could use a concierge service, but it's pricey and I'm stingy >=D)
Anyway, I do encourage you to go and check the deals out, as they always have some amazingly cheap high end products! Like the late shu uemura sale was out of stock in a blink HAHA

ButterLondon nail polishes for 5USD!!

Like this color! Best stuffs are already sold out, so hurry!

Christian Audigier jewelry (man and woman)
I love everything Ed Hardy and if Christian Audigier comes out with anything, I'm on it HAHA
Lovely earrings:

and ring:

Buy this for me and I'm marrying you! LOL Seriously!^^

Mario Badescu skin care:
I've been lemming this brand for a long while now, but haven't gotten myself to buy anything.
If you haven't heard of it, Mario Badescu is a European spa skin care range and highly loved!^^

Ceramide eye gel for $14

Super collagen mask for $14

Kiwi face scrub for $12 (looks yummy)

Marc Jacobs clothes:

Aaaand....Burberry shoes!

So, will you get anything? If you do, share with me! I wanna be jealous! LOL
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