Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shu Uemura - Madonna Sticky & Sweet Tour's "Eye-conic" Look

Artistic Director Gina Brooke Creates Custom Diamond Eye Shadow As Part of New Madonna Look for Sticky & Sweet 2009 Summer Tour.

YEY Isn't that great?

Inspired by Madonna's hit song "Ray of Light", Brooke transforms Madonna's eyes nightly by applying a mixture of crushed, small flawless diamonds and white eye shadow to her lids. "The resulting brightness and glow from Madonna's eyes captivate the audience and reinforces the fact that there are always new possibilities with make up - and no rules," commented Brooke.

Okay, that's not too original, is it?

Beginning with Madonna's beautiful eyes, Brooke adds shu uemura's Pressed Eye Shadow ME White 906 (form lash line, blending softly up to brow bone) to provide a soft, gorgeous light-reflecting, diamond-like effect. "Since she is playing big stadiums, I decided to further enhance the shadow's diamond-like effect by using real diamonds around Madonna's eyes while was on stage"

Too bad they didn't post more photos...and in better quality! I'd love to see it close up.

This sketch looks better than Madonna above...=DD *is evil*

Anyhow, too bad I won't be able to go to her concert. I'd love to see her in live at least once in my life. She's a phenomenon and the thought that she wears Shu Uemura make-up on stage would be mind blowing. I'd be paralyzed! HAHAHA

"A little sheen helps enhance the eyes and gives an instantly younger appearance. Madonna is always up for trying new things and I think all women should feel comfortable experimenting and enhancing their beauty on stage or off."

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