Monday, January 19, 2015

Rouge Bunny Rouge Raw Garden Eyeshadow Palette in Chronos

For a long time of eyeing the brand I finally surrendered and started ordering (strictly during sales :P) and I must say I'm glad that I did.
First, let me show you the beautiful Chronos Raw Garden eyeshadow palette from Rouge Bunny Rouge:

Even its box is pretty! :)

And the actual case! <3 p="">

Aww, such beautiful colors! *____* They are:
Champagne Pewter Highlighter: a peachy metallic champagne

Metallic Rosy Brown: a peacock pink and gold shade
Aged Bronze: an interchanging, cool olive metallic
Aubergine Gunmetal: a dark, gold-tinged eggplant-grey metallic
Midnight Blue Gunmetal: a deep, smoky blue-grey metallic 

They have decent color payoff and blend well. No worry about fallout.

Just reading the description makes you long for the stuff:
"Suitably presented in a luxuriantly lacquered magnetic étui, the colour theme of the Limited Eye Shadow Palette RAW GARDEN in ‘Chronos’ is inspired by the lustre and varying shades seen in the darkness and dancing shadows of the Black Pearls.
Echoing the delicate design on the lid of the Limited Eye Shadow Palette case, each Long-lasting Eye Shadow is embossed with a hummingbird on the wing motive."

In case you decide to indulge, the price of this Limited Edition palette is 55 EUR.
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