Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I tend to come up with pretty lame titles, right? HAHA

You know, I like reading. After Harry Potter (oh yeah, I'm a fan LOL) I took a break..until the Twilight saga. Finishing all four books (in like a week) I craved for more and got hooked on urban fantasy books.
As I'm fed up sitting in front of my laptop staring at .PDF books, I wanted to buy real books. You now, in physical form. It's waaaay more comfortable to hold that sacred paper in your hands!^^

The other day I stumbled upon half.com! OMIGOD! It's like Heaven! I was hauling madly, thinking "okay, there's ground shipping, but at checkout I'll get more summed up for international" For dirt cheap I accumulated tons of books (okay, not tons, but a lot LOL)....
Imagine my horror when I found out it was a US ONLY shop. damndamndamndamn!

Thus, finally, I got myself introduced to parcel/mail forwarding aka concierge services. I visited quite a lot pages, lemming the prices, trustworthiness, look of the page, etc.
I have to say, this service is pricey! Okay, considering how many brands I'd like put on my hands while huge sales, it's still cheaper. But ATM I'm not gonna fork out 40-50 bucks only for shipping....Plus monthly fees, consolidation, sometimes handling fee per package and so on.
Not to mention custom taxes since it's import and these companies ain't write lower amount on the box just becoz I'm asking nicely.
If my complete order is some housand dollars, then I'm likely to pay duty fees too @_@

Until I have a job I won't use this service....

Good news is I'm going to job interviews Tomorrow. To the ministry. Two interviews. And hopefully one job LOL I sooooo want to be the one they choose! T_T

And now, onto today's "no foundation" FOTD:

wow I'm smiling! bwahahahahhaah
Please, excuse my messy hair! ˇ.ˇ

noname blush

MAC Patina
Givenchy 9 color eyeshadow
MUFE Aqua Smoky Eyes
MAC Studio Finish Concealer
NYX jar Concealer
Essence Eyebrow stylist set
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