Saturday, April 17, 2010

I should be eating as I'm starving, just came back from school, log in to Facebook and go search D'espairsRay's page, since they were to reveal tour infos including Europe.
BTW, Despa is a Japanese rock band FYI and I L.O.V.E. them! *___*
And you know what? Finally, oh, my f*cking God! Finally they visit Hungary too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I did cry when I read the announcement!! Now I need my paycheck, search where I can buy tickets (if I can this early), buy them, and find the ultimate water-tear-and-sweat proof black eyeliner!!!! XDDD I don't care if it won't come off for days, just make it stay in place HAHA
I'm sososososo excited! What should I wear? I don't have fitting clothes for jrock concerts! o.O Some accessories, yes, but no clothes.....

Excuse the non makeup related post, I just LOVE them soo much and am in Heaven that I couldn't help but share my excitement!
If you know that eyeliner, please, share with me! ^_^
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