Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's happening?

I moved. I've kinda settled in, in the process of learning the city....(got lost 2 times already LOL)

Before moving I had my hair cut:

Zombie face~~~
Look at that bumpy potato nose! X_X

And yes, those are my beloved dark circles....Where the concealer started to fade (around/under the tear ducts) they show up >_<
Imagine it as a whole half-circle when not covered up.

As I have way too much stuffs on my review list, I'll make a quick one right now for my ever first MAC single eyeshadow.

I don't remember when I bought it, but I use it weekly.

Color is Patina:

It's a taupe brown with golden pearl and frosty finish.
At the store I remember there was a greenish cast to it, like the golden sheen, but their lightning must be special, as ever since then I wasn't able to catch the same color...under all kind of lightning types.

It looks such a boring color, right?

But it isn't! I like it a lot~

Texture wise it's good. Easy to blend, no or minor fall out (depends on the good or lousy brush I use). No fading, and stays creaseless for 5-6 hours, sometimes more or less. I couldn't find out what causes it. (I never wear bases)
But I don't have to tell all this, right? I think everyone should own at least one MAC eye product.

I visited the MAC store Yesterday (it's fairily close to where I live =D) and wanted to try the two Viva Glam lipsticks (Gaga and Cindy), but of course they didn't have them @_@

Thus I swatched what I could....like the Spring Colour Forecast Shadow quads.
I'd say only #4 worths mentioning.

All four colors have a buttery touch, with great color payoff. Each the same consistency, shiny-pearly finish. Even tho they are too yellowish for my taste and skintone, I was drooling over it.....until I saw the price HAHA

#3 was tempting, until I swatched it.

Purples are always a good shot, and the top two colours (Mink Pink and Bruised Plum) looked good with even coverage and nice touch, while the bottom two, darker colors (Black Tulip and Jungle Moon) were...I dare say....scratchy! No even color, or same texture.....totally not worth the money! Too bad, ruining the palette T_T
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